What is a Pawg?

As indicated by Cyber Definitions and Urban Dictionary, among other online word reference applications, PAWG means “phat ass white girl.” This web slang term alludes to an appealing Caucasian lady who has a huge butt. This is viewed as gotten from the term PHAT, which means “pretty hot and temping.”

It’s not known when pawg was first seen in the English language, however it has existed since basically the mid 2000s. The primary Urban Dictionary passage for pawg is dated July 29, 2004. Another post was made on April 11, 2005. Phat is a word that finds its underlying foundations in African American slang.

The word pawg started to acquire consideration around the end of 2010 and the start of 2011. From that point forward, pawg has been a mainstream hashtag on tweets publicizing sexual symbolism.

The abbreviation PAWG is utilized with the signifying “Phat Ass White Girl” to allude to an appealing young lady of Caucasian decent who has an enormous butt. It is an expansion of the term PHAT, which signifies “Pretty Hot and Tempting.”

From a broad pursuit on different web slang word references, it is not difficult to see that PAWG is a short for ‘phat ass white girl.’ as such, it is there to point to a Caucasian lady who is considered attractive and flaunts a huge butt. It’s accepted that this term is a subordinate of the term PHAT, which signifies ‘pretty hot and tempting.’

Albeit the thought behind the term PAWG is implied as a compliment, this term is viewed as hostile sometimes.